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System Requirements

1.  1 GHz CPU (Intel / AMD Processor)

2.   Minimum 128 MB of RAM

3.   Minimum 1 MB of free hard disk space

4.   Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions),Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, supports Mac OSX 10.8.

5.   Works on all browsers,

6.   Internet access is required

7.   Administrator privileges are required to install My Porn Blocker


"I'm so glad I found your software! My 9 year old son's computer was infected with some type of spyware and he was getting all kinds of popups that were pretty alarming.

We tried removing them with spyware removers and anti-virus software but had no luck.

My wife suggested we try your product and as soon as we installed it.. NO MORE POPUPS.

Thanks you! We now feel confident that our child is safe on his computer."

John P.
Scranton, PA.

I'm a small business owner and I recently found out some of my employees were viewing obscene material while at work.

That's something I have to really be concerned about.

We employ both male and female workers and I could face sexual harrassment charges if I don't protect ALL my employees from that kind of stuff.

Well hello MyPornBlocker!

Works like magic and I don't have to worry about that sort of content ever being viewed in the office anymore.

Thanks for the excellent product."

Frank S.
Portland, OR

"I'm sort of ashamed to admit it... but I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent product.

You see, I'm a happily married 29 year old man.. but I recently found myself browsing online pornography several hours a day at times. I was worried I was becomming an addict.

I love my wife and yet I found myself more interested in browsing porn than spending time together.

So, I went online and did some research and I found your product.

I installed it on our computer and now I stay away from those sites.

Thanks for creating such an awesome product."

Dave C.
Carterette, NJ

"My husband and I have been married for 22 years now and he recently began viewing a lot of pornography online.

It didn't bother me at first, but then I started really feeling bad about it.

I purchased your software and told him I installed it... and he actually thanked me for doing so.

Thanks for the great product!"

Sandra Z.
St. Petersburg, FL

Great product! Now I know my kids are safe from all that garbage!

And it's lived up to all your claims. Easy to install and works just as you promised.

Thanks Martin!

Joseph A.
Ontario, NY

"I'm a single mom and I work two jobs to make ends meet. My mom spends most days and evenings at my home babysitting my children for me.

I was concerned because I know she's not as attentive as she once was.

So, I purchased your software and now I have no worries about what my children are doing online when I'm at work.

Thanks for the peace of mind."

JoAnn M.
Cincinatti, OH

"All I can say is BEST PRODUCT I've ever purchased! It was simple to install and works like a charm.

Please add my name and comments to your website. I'm a happy customer!"

Carl T.
New Haven, CT

"I wish I found your product years ago. I too purchased what I thought was "The Best" filter available.

But it turns out... that company must spend all their money on advertising instead of actually doing some research.

Their software never lived up to it's claims!

But your software hasn't failed me yet. I'm really impressed (and I don't get impressed easily).


Debby P.
Nashville, TN

I'm a divorced father of three and only see my 3 boys on the weekends.

I try to give them some freedom.. and not constantly harp on them about what they're doing when they're on the computer at my house.

But I recently noticed some adult sites listed in my browsing history and I knew one of them had to be the culprets.

Boys will be boys... BUT NOT ON MY SHIFT!

So I didn't say a word... and just purchased your software and installed it in 5 minutes.

Problem solved. Thank you@!

Scott W.
Seattle WA